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Plano Living Guide

If you’re looking to move to Texas, but don’t really want to be in the hustle and bustle of a major city, you’ll be excited to know about the city of Plano. With a population of 222,100 people it’s still fairly small compared to the overall state of Texas and it’s only 17 minutes away from Dallas.

This means you’ll get a small-town type feel while being close to major city. You’ll get the conveniences of an international airport, without paying a huge chunk of change every month for your rent or mortgage. You’ll also have a friendly commute to work.

The Plano economy is a bustling one. With plenty of jobs and a low unemployment rate, the community is an ideal choice for people who are relocating. For those who are really interested in the math, the average household income is $78,000 for year and the average household value is $162,000 for year.

Plano has a wonderful school system and beautiful parks and other places to go with your family. If you're interested in sports, music, and theater, Dallas is just a hop skip and a jump away, so you can enjoy the Dallas Cowboys and other sports teams in the area as well as concerts from your favorite bands.

If you’re an Internet geek, high-speed Internet is widely available in the Plano area. Fiber optic Internet is a new form of high-speed Internet offering highest speeds currently available in the country, and it is coming to Plano soon!

Whether you're fresh out of college just getting your start in life, or a new family looking to settle down, or an older couple looking to retire, Plano has something just for you.

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